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Easymount roll film laminators are designed to perform and built to last. Their advanced features allow you to laminate, mount and encapsulate.

The versatility of Easymount laminators makes them incredibly cost-effective, meaning you can now truly offer a one-stop shop for print and finishing. The range includes everything from entry-level models for those still finishing jobs by hand, to professional heavy-duty thermal models that will cope with every application all day everyday.

Designed for simple, high quality results in a matter of minutes with the minimum of fuss and training. It's also extremely efficient – our patented pressure gauge handle, for instance, ensures that you choose the correct setting every time. Our patented multilingual control panel is simple, smooth and very easy to use. Anyone can use it with the minimum of training, and it allows you to take complete control.

You can apply more than just laminates – the Easymount range allows you to also lay down application tapes and vinyls, removing the need for squeegeeing by hand.

The feed table also lifts up, making it easier to load rolls of material, increasing effectiveness and minimising hassle.

Model Max Width Mounting Thickness Laminating Speed Hot Cold
EMS-650 650 mm 15 mm 5 m/min SIM
EM-720 720 mm 15 mm  3 m/min  SIM
EM-880 880 mm 15 mm  3 m/min  - SIM
EM-1200 1200 mm 25 mm  5 m/min  SIM SIM
EM-1400 1400 mm 25 mm  5 m/min  SIM SIM 
EM-1600 1600 mm 25 mm  5 m/min  SIM  SIM 
EM-1650 1650 mm 25 mm  3.9 m/min  SIM 
EM-2100 2100 mm 25 mm  6 m/min  SIM 



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